Screen is White


Hi, I have a problem with my screen. When I turn on the battery, the screen turns white. I know the Raspberry Pi is working because I have successfully hooked it up to a TV. I have tried the following:

-Taking out the orange ribbon cable and putting it back in.
-Disconnecting and re-connecting the HDMI cable.
-I also removed the screen and put it back in.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Did it ever work?
If so what happened before it stopped working?


Hi @SKCro,

As Paul asked, was it ever working? Have you tried a different HDMI cable with the screen?


  • Jordan


Thanks Paul and Jordan,

I think I figured out what happened. As I was looking at the orange ribbon cable, I noticed that the tab that holds it into the chip behind the screen appears to be loose/broken. What can I do?


Hi @SKCro,

Could you please provide a picture? We may need to send you a replacement screen in exchange for your current one (we don’t ship the display driver boards separately), but a piece of duct tape might suffice if loose (and the screen otherwise works).


  • Jordan


Duct tape doesn’t work. I think the Piper screen is broken. I need a replacement screen.


I’ll try to get a pic of my Piper screen.


Unfortunately, I can’t get a picture of my Piper screen. Also, sometimes it would have a white screen - other times the screen would not power on at all.


Is this using the corrept SD card you have??


Not to be rude, but the screen problem has nothing to do with the Pi (I hooked the Pi up to an external monitor & the Pi outputs everything just fine). Also, the screen problem happened BEFORE I corrupt the SD Card.


And how was anyone expected to know you had hooked up the pi to an external monitor?? Especially since your last post on the thread was a month ago and you suddenly post on two threads and send an email all at the same time

Don’t you have access to a phone that can take a picture of the screen??


I’m sorry, but it’s kind of a pain to get the pic uploaded with my digital camera. Because first, I have to take the pic, save it to another SD Card (Not the Piper Card, of corse), put the SD Card in the printer, wait for it to show up on my Mac, hunt around the SD Card for the pic, then upload it.


don’t you use Dropbox? I take a picture, share it to Dropbox, go to my Mac and it is there for use.


No, I don’t use Dropbox. Sorry. :frowning:


I suggest you send a note to and explain what is happening


I thought that Piper’s email was "", not "". (Not to be rude, but) Did you make a mistake?


oops, :flushed: yup I always get that confused.


That’s OK. Everybody makes mistakes at one point or another. Even me. Once I hit the send button by accident right in the middle of writing a post on Piper Community (I wasn’t done writing the post!)