Screen is white and black


When I turn on my Piper, the screen is white and black at the same time. Any suggestions?


Was it ever working?
During boot do you see anything?


Hi @baobei,

Could you please send a screenshot?


  • Jordan


I did reboot but the same thing happened.

  1. did it ever work?
  2. do you see anything but the black and white screen during the boot?
  3. if it did work, what did you do just before it stopped working?


@baobei, Can you provide a picture of what’s happining?

  1. Yes the thing did work before
  2. I do see the black and white screen during the boot
  3. The thing did not work!


Sorry, I can’t take a screenshot of this.:angry:


Ok, so you said the pi use to work but now it doesn’t. Can you plug the pi into a tv or computer monitor with an hdmi cable and see if it works?

Do you ever shut off the pi by just turning off the battery or do you always use the shutdown option and waiting 30 seconds before turning off the battery?

You might want to try flashing the SD card to see if it has been corrupted.

  1. Yes I can plug the pi into a tv or computer and it works
  2. I shut off the pi by just turning off the battery
  3. My SD card is not corrupted

  1. good that means the pi and the SD card are good - but the screen maybe dead - I’ll sent the piper guys a note - How long have you had the Piper?

  2. bad, very bad. Just powering the Pi off can lead to coruption of the SD card. You should always go to the Piper main menu and select the poweroff/shutdown option - or if you are on the desktop, select the Raspberry Pi icon and select poweroff/shutdoen from it. In both cases, wait 45 seconds before killing the power so the Pi can close everything and clean up it’s files.

  3. Good! try and keep it that way (i.e. don’t just kill the power)


Hello @baobei I’d be more than happy to help you get you a new screen. Please reach out to me at via email

Talk to you soon!