Scratch 2.0 on Piper?


We purchased this for our 9-year-old daughter for Christmas, and she’s already completed all of the Piper missions!

We were disappointed to find out that the built-in Scratch editor is 1.4. Since Raspberry Pi is new to our family, it’s been quite a learning curve, so the question is:

Is there a way to get Scratch 2.0 working on the Piper? I managed to find this article from the MagPi, but my wife and I are are too afraid to try it without more expert advice:

In case anyone was wondering, we REALLY want to make this work, as our daughter already has 20+ projects on Scratch, all made with the online version of Scratch 2.0.



As I read that link, it will install the chroma aim browser so you can use scratch 2 online.

If you are worried about messing up Piper, just get another SD card and do a complete install on it. Then you can swap the cards depending on what you want to do.


Try typing this into a terminal (its one of the programs in the task bar):

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install scratch
Then hit enter.



Greg - have you done this? are you sure it won’t corrupt their SD card and that it will work?
If you haven’t actually done it, you shouldn’t be offering this kind of advice.


Hi Paul,

No I didn’t try and indeed the Raspbian repositories don’t have Scratch 2 yet. Sorry I spoke too soon!



Thanks for the replies! As of this evening we have two SD cards, one with the Piper ISO and one with the RASPBIAN JESSIE WITH PIXEL ISO. I’m glad we did this, because it was a learning opportunity for my daughter and I.

FWIW, before doing this, we updated to Raspbian with PIXEL on the SD card from Piper. Everything was seemed to be working just fine, minus having to make some minor video and audio tweaks. :wink:


Hi, is it safe to do this by now? This is from sept 2017.
I have the latest version of piper, bit scratch is still 1.4.
Will this install scratch2 and leave the rest of piper working?



The Piper software does act up with the latest distro, so I’d advise against it.