Saving Minecraft Worlds


We are having a problem saving the worlds in Minecraft. When we make a new world, the changes that we make are not saved and after exiting then returning we cannot see the changes that we made to the world.Sometimes we briefly see the changes to the worlds when we reopen the world that we previously made but they disappear within a second - this occurs even after "autosaving " flashes on the screen before exiting the world. Plus, is there a way to manually save the world before exiting. This inability to save is making it a very frustrating experience.


Hi @DAK1854,

Sorry for the frustrating experience. Some of the bugs related to saving have been fixed and will be released in the next update (coming very soon). Saving is attempted when the level is exited and during autosaving. In the meantime (before the next software release) I would recommend when creating a brand new world that you first create the new world, exit the world (middle mouse --> “main menu”) and then re-enter the world. This should perform the initial save and make subsequent saves reliable.


  • Jordan