Saving Levels when we're tired


My son and I are playing the game and going through the different levels. However, if we need to stop due to a low battery, or just because we need to stop. We are on the Fungus level and it told us to wire the switch in and it would build the blocks under us as we move. However, it never says what else needs to be done so you are just walking around forever with no instruction. We had completed quite a bit of steps up to that point and it would be nice if we could quit and save the game but if we quit it takes us back to beginning every time. Total pain and my son is getting bored doing the same stuff over and over again.

Also, the game has locked up on us several times and requires a total power off to get going again, again, loosing all of our progress.




Here here. I would love to know how to do this and is it possible to go back as it seems we lost all progress after a power cycle. Any ideas on restoring the state by moving files, etc?


Hi @aala,

There currently isn’t a way to save your story mode progress mid-level (so if the battery turns off in the middle of gameplay, you must restart the level from the beginning). However, creative mode maps are automatically saved both intermittently (auto-save feature) and upon exiting the level.


  • Jordan


So I what I hear you saying Jordan is that a student (i’m a classroom teacher using piperbots ) may not save their progress during a level. They have to complete the level completely or risk having to redo the level. Correct?


Hi @csizemore,

Yes, that’s currently the case for Story Mode. However, maintaining any built circuitry/hardware progress (rather than taking it apart) will greatly expedite getting back to where you were if a level restart is needed.


  • Jordan