Return to Cheeseteroid glitch?


We’re in Return to the Cheeseteroid, and when it tells you to add the third button there are no instructions. We restarted it and then it let us out of the crafting table and then it says, “look at the wires while pressing the button.” We have been on the level for an hour and it is still not showing instructions even when restarting it 5 times ( and a little frustration ).


When you click on the the building block, it should show you a screen wher you can move the mouse and see the Pi and the buttons and the wires and buttons.

Do you see that?


Yes we do, my screen shows no insructions


And we are at the part where it says to add a third wire🤷‍♀️


We are having a similar issue with this level.

We’ve reached both crafting tables and installed both buttons (successfully, at least according to the UI). However, after installing the second button, we can’t find anything to do in any location.

When we look at various wires in the level and push buttons, new red wires flash on momentarily, but then vanish. We’ve tried virtually every block that looks like it could have anything to do with building/destroying a wire.

Someone in an earlier posting on this mentioned a “crack in the geography” but we’ve scanned everywhere and don’t see this.

Any suggestions on how to get out of this level?


At the first crafting table you build a button that creates new blocks, the second destroys blocks allowing you to pass thru areas you couldn’t get to.


Hey Paul, thanks for the help.

The second button doesn’t appear to destroy anything. Possible something else is wrong?


This is what it looks like after building two buttons


(It shows no directions on the third crafting table)


Right after yo make that if you look around, you should see some RED blocks. Pressing the new button will create a bunch of red blocks momentarily that will smash thru one of the walls allowing you to continue on.


Hi Paul, we are looking for help with the step immediately after this. (Red blocks smash thru and allowed us to continue on). The next step was to install a switch. We installed the switch, but it does nothing. We checked the leads and the wires, but everything seems fine. The switch just does nothing. Can you help us get past this? Thanks!


When you watch the video for making the switch, what des Pip say aout it?


Pip says “Try the switch”


I think the idea of the switch is - you dont have to press the buttons any more. I’ll recheck it but I won’t be able to till tomorow AM (EST)


What the switch does is (when it is on) bypass button 2 - the one what works with the red power blocks - so you don’t need to press that button. But yyou may find times where you need to shut off the switch and use the button. Try different things! It is possible to get thru the level, you just may need to experiment to find the right combination.


Having the toggle switch to the right or on does not short out or turn on button 2. We have no action from button 2 when “try this switch” is displayed with the toggle switch on or off.

We have rebooted several times with the same results.


When I smash through the blocks, pip says, “now let’s make another button!” I click on the crafting table and there are strangely no directions!


Also, like a few of the other problems, the second button doesn’t do anything!!


@Yoshi828 - recheck your wiring and where you have the buttons and plugs. The center plug of the switch should be in an empty slot and one side should be connected to the left plug of switch 2

the wire on the center plut of the switch should go to the GPIO pin to the left of the wires for the blue switch.


@SmartCookie - recheck your wiring. When you are at the video to build the switch, when it is correct and you press it three times it will show a flow thru the wires. If you don’t see that you might have a bad switch. to see if it is a bad switch, take the wires off the bread board and touch them together to see if the video shows current flowing.