Replacement Piper has suddenly stopped booting.Blue to black screen . Red light only


Don’t seem to be having much luck with the Piper. Our first refused to boot almost straight out of the box. Turned out to be an SD card issue and we were sent a replacement. The second machine we’ve managed to get 5 days use out of and , hey presto, it’s stopped booting. It started glitching mid update ( update kept running continuously , starting up all over again after finishing). Unable to exit the update, we shut down the machine via the battery then turned it back on . We got a blue then a black screen . We followed the suggested fixes on this forum - checked cables, reinserted SD card, switched on screen then raspberry Pi - all to no avail. We’re now getting a solid red light and black screen. Machine won’t come on. What now? ( And please don’t suggest yet another SD card issue !)


Hi @Oyeka2006,

Unfortunately if the update is interrupted it can corrupt the SD card and this appears to be what happened. Please email me ( to request a new SD card.