Raspberry Pi lights do not come on!


You said you plugged the pi into a TV via HDMI and it worked, Can you try using that cable to connect to the Piper screen and see if it works?


Hi @Solensan,

You mentioned “USB cable”. Did you order a replacement USB-molex power cable instead of a replacement HDMI cable? Although, if Paul’s suggestion doesn’t work (i.e., using the HDMI cable that worked with your TV) then it’s likely another issue.


  • Jordan



I have a no lights appearing on the Raspberry Pi. This just started a week ago. I have checked the following;

  • Battery fully charged

  • Cables are secure

  • SD Card removed and reinserted.

I do get a blue screen when I unplug the Rasberry Pi from the power pack.

Below are pictures of the problem.


I am thinking I need a replacement part. How do I go about getting one?





If you have another micro usb cable, please try using that to connect the Pi to the battery. There was a bad batch and if this is the problem Piper will send you a new one for free.

Let me know what happens



It was the cable.



Great debugging Martin - now go to https://support.playpiper.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and tell them that your micro usb cable is bad and tehy will send you a new one. Make sure to give your address and your order number if you have it.