Python coding simple question (Physical Computing with Python)


So My Children smashed through the piper story in a day (after having a little problem with the Pi itself)

I decided to get them started on the Python tutorials packaged in the system,
started with the LED program and I can’t get even the 1st program working because I cannot for the life of me move to the next line,
from gpiozero import LED (then the next line should be)
led = LED(17)

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to move the cursor to type the second line, I’m a programming numpty so I am probably missing something really basic



once you started IDLE, did you go to FILE -> NEW?
did you press the RETURN key?


One more thing, you may have to install gpiozero. If you get an error:

  1. open a new terminal window
  2. type ‘sudo apt-get update’ press return
  3. type ‘sudo apt-get upgrade -y’ press return
  4. wait a long time (could take an hour)
  5. type ‘sudo apt-get install python3-gpiozero python-gpiozero’ press return
    and then go test your program again.


Hi Paul,

thanks for the Info, I will look at it this afternoon, It would be helpful if the Tutorials included this information, as I assumed that you typed it in to the shell screen. this doesn’t work, I found out after posting I need to open a new window type in the program then run program which then moves it into the shell, then that doesn’t work as gpiozero is not in the system.your second post clarifies how to update.


yeah too often people that write up things forget that they ‘know’ things that others don’t.


Thank you Paul,
I have the GPIO zero working now time to get programming