Putting the raspberry pi 3 (from 2018) in a new monitor

I really want to use the raspberry pi for a bigger sized monitor, but it couldn’t work. Could you help me? Plugged in the HDMI cable to the monitor and even tried using the piper power bank…

What happens when you plug it in?
Do you see anything?
Did you plug it in and then power on the pi?
Does the piper screen still work?
Are you sure you are using a good HDMI cable to connect the Pi to the monitor?

I regularly plug into a larger monitor and it works fine.

When I plug it in, I see nothing.
And I powered on after plugging in.

The piper screen still works fine.

I used the same HDMI cable as the piper one.

Does the monitor have more than one input port? Have you made sure you have chosen the correct one?

There is only one input

What version of Piper are you running? (From the main Piper menu, click the Gear icon and the version number is in small font at the botton left)


I got the raspberry pi 3 on 2018

Have you plugged anything else into the hdmi port of the moitor to make sure it works?