Problems with the blue button while "fixing the robot"


My daughter is in etc first phase and attempting to fix her robot. She has successfully activated the red and green buttons but the blue one keeps blinking indicating that it is not working. Have used different wires and buttons and redone multiple times with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated as she is getting understandable frustrated since there seems to be no way to move forward until this step is accomplished.


Hi @Katrina make sure that the blue button mirrors all the other buttons in the way its placed into the breadboard and the way the wires are connected. part of the experience is we hope that kids figure out how to troubleshoot and deal with uncertainty. if you touch the wires together, you will be able to get past that stage, and from there its just a mechanical issue of wiring up the button.

Please let me know if there are any other issue or questions!

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Having the exact same problem here. Touching the two wires together doesn’t work. Have try multiple different wires and configurations without success. Also at this point when trying to get buttons to work for first time there is no longer any sound. Have rebooted many times and get stuck every time with red and green button working but not blue.



For Story Mode, there is only sound for videos and the chat notification ping (and no other gameplay sounds). Could you please post and image of how your Pi is wired?


  • Jordan


Now even red button won’t work. Here’s the set up.


Ok this almost worked. Spacing each button with two pins between them and going green red blue in order on the breadboard has green and blue working but now red isn’t. Argh!!.


Touching red wires together works but red button won’t work. Seems like I can only get two buttons to work at any time.



Sometimes the pins under the buttons can become bent when pushing them into the breadboard (and therefore not properly seated/connected). I would check that and then I would also see if another button (e.g., the black one) works.


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