Problems in Story Mode


Piper is new to me, and I experienced the following problems in story mode:
1.) How can I get one step back, because sometimes the game continues before I’m really ready with a new switch.
2.) What do I do if a switch doesn’t work, although all the connections are correct and other switches were used? Then story mode simply doesn’t continue, but gets stuck showing the connections.

Thanks a lot for any help!


I have the same problem with the first question you asked, But I think I know the answer to your second question. The answer to your second question is: if the game doesn’t recognise the switch and/or button you set up, the game WON’T go on until it recognises the switch and/or button.


(1) I’m not sure what you mean by go back a step. Do you mean go to the previous level or start the level over again or go back to a previous crafting table?

(2) If a switch doesn’t work there are a few things to check:
a - make sure the pins went into the breadboard. I’ve had cases where the pin bent when I was pushing it down.
b - Also make sure the wire is plugged into the same row that the the pin of the switch is in.
c - Pull the wires and touch them together (i.e. you become the switch) to see if the wires are connected to the correct pins of the Pi.
d - Use different wires - to see if a wire is bad


Thank you very much, Paul and SKCro.
The second problem is solved.
But it seems, that there is no possibility to go one step back in the guided tour and look f.i. at the switch a second time, if the program “thinks” that you have already completed the task. I can only restart that “world”.


When you say ‘How can I get one step back’ do you mean 'I’m in the level xxx and I go to the first crafting table and watch the video and then go to the next and watch the video but now want to go back to the first and the video won’t run"?


Ahhh I see what you mean. In the Power Plant level, once you go thru the first doorway, it is closed behind you and you would have to start the level over again to get back to that room.


You are right. This is the problem.


But why do you need to go back?