Play Data will not reset

I have gone into the settings on my Piper 2 over and over and again and clicked “Reset Play Data” but it never resets. I want to reuse my classroom bundle with another group of students and need to reset them all. Any ideas?

One thing you can do it open a terminal window and then enter
nano /var/lib/piper/userData/playData/levelsCompleted.txt
and hit enter. At the end of each line you will see eithor a 1 or 0. Change all the 1’s to 0’s and then hit ctrl-x then the letter y then the return or enter key

That should reset all the levels. Meanwhile I’m going to try to see if I can reproduce the issue.

@rnapolitano Richard it looks like you found a bug! I’ve reported it to Piper and will let you know their response.

Paul, thank you so much! I will try the method you described in the meantime. If they can fix the bug, that would be great too!

@rnapolitano Richard you will need to use sudo nano to edit the file or you won’t be able to save it. Sorry I missed that.

Turns out this is a known but and should be fixed in the next release (and ‘no’ I don’t know when that will be.)