Piper Will Not Boot & Monitor Shows Messed Up Image



I bought a Piper Computer for my daughter for Christmas and it no longer boots. I have attached pictures to show the screen that is displayed when it boots.

I double checked all cable connections (HDMI to Raspberry Pi and monitor) and power cords and they appear to be no issue there.

I have tried to reimage my SD card, by using the instructions in Piper support to download new image and program (Win32 Disk Imager) via a Windows PC. This completed successfully, however after I reinstall it still displays the same image.

I also observed that if I boot the Raspberry Pi card (with or without the SD card installed) the image that is displayed on the monitor is the same.

I sent an email to support with these details and I also tried twice to setup calls with Tommy for diagnosis, but never was able to get a phone call to discuss. Does anyone know what may be wrong with my Piper and how to get back up and running?



Had a call with Piper support and they indicated it is likely the monitor is not working.

I tried to connect my HDMI cable to my laptop to display onto the Piper monitor and got similar screen issue.

Support recommended to ship me a replacement monitor, which I’ll try as next step. Hopefully, this gets my Piper back up and running.



Or just try to plug in the HDMI cable of your Computer screen or TV to the PI. You should see it work too :slight_smile:



Yup, that looks like a broken LCD panel and @Tintin is correct, you can plug into a larger screen to play it.