Piper stuck loading level


I am having the same problem. When my son tries to open the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ level, the cursor starts spinning, but never progresses. Could you please tell me how to solve this problem?


Hi @charlesduhigg,

Please try the potential solution here: Piper stuck loading level


  • Jordan


@charlesduhigg @Ellenklmz43 @candace.winkles

We understand your levels are not loading and you are left with an indefinite spinning cursor instead. While we are trying to find the solution on our end, please follow the directions here to request a new SD card. Apologies again for the unintended frustration.



that worked for us as well, thanks!


[quote=“jordan, post:15, topic:976”]
sudo rm -R /root/.piper && sudo rm -R /root/.minecraft" [followed by enter/return]

That worked for us, thank you!