Piper stops booting


Couple days my son told me his piper stops booting. I.e. it is showing some booting progress in the beginning, but after clearing screen it just shows blinking cursor in the left top corner and do nothing. So, according to FAQ, the origin of problem could be in sd card and I’ve downloaded version 1.0.2 - because it was an only version I was able to download (all other links are dead), and burned this image to the SD card. No my screen shows a gradient square and do nothing.

Any Idea?

Thank you!


I think you should get a new SD card.
Try that.


how is he shutting it off? does he just unplug it from the battery, if so he has probably corrupted the sd card and you need to re initilize it.

Have you tried getting the piper imager from the link in this thread?