Piper start animation keeps replaying


So my piper computer is finicky. When I go to the menu and try to select the game menu it will trigger the start screen animation video to start. I would 3 in every 4 times I try to access the menu I have to see this animation over and over again. Is there a way to disable this?


Mabye you should try to turn it off and press the on button and see if anything happens. You may also want to check if any of the extending bits of the SD card or the actual Rasbperry pi are bent or touching in a way that is not supposed to be.

-The Viking team


So to be clear, are you stuck in a loop you can’t get out of, or is it just a pain switching from the game mode to PiperCode and then going back to the game mode?


So I’m not stuck in a loop. Upon booting the computer I see it. I can then navigate to the menu but when I try to get to the submenu of games it’ll start again. It seems like in the middle of moving the mouse it will randomly restart. I’m going to check again after my battery is fully charged.


Just to rule it out, can you use a different mouse?
When did you get the Piper?
So you are at the main menu and you select Story Mode/Play

  • you see the desktop for a moment then you see the screen with Mars at the top.
    Is this when moving the mouse causes it to play the video again?