Piper Software Update! Version 2.0


(v2.0.2 image download link can be found here.)
(For update support, please visit here)

What’s New?

	Version 2.0.2 includes our ImagineOS update. With ImagineOS comes many new
	features. Users can now create screenshots, videos and music to share with
	the entirety of PiperUniverse. It also includes a massive user interface
	overhaul, and a non-linear story mode.

Change Logs:

	User Interface:
		Removed "Story", "Creative Mode", "Minigames" buttons. Consolidated to "Play" button.
		Added PiperUniverse Button.
		Level selection now shows as a map. Planets represent levels and the moons represent 
		minigames. Creative mode worlds are shown below Return to Cheeseteroid level.
		New Heads-up Display (HUD) allows users to get messages in an overlay instead
		of as chat messages. Helps for readability and allows for better localization.

			Displays messages that were previously shown in the chat window in-game
			HUD menu can be opened by clicking middle mouse button while in-game.
			Has buttons to return to game, view mission log, open power-ups selection menu, 
			take screenshot, take video, go to settings, or leave game.

			New music-based level. Used to create music by placing blocks on a sequencer. Also has 
			the functionality to allow for recording of	created songs (up to 30 seconds) and 
			sharing them on PiperUniverse.
			Becomes playable after completing Chain Reaction level.
			Contains drum sounds and piano sounds.
			Level dependencies are no longer linear.
			Can now play story mode levels in creative mode after completion of the level.

		Users can now create songs, images, or videos and they will be saved in		PiperUniverse with the option to share them with the rest of PiperUniverse. 
		It is also possible to view creations that other users have shared (after review 
		and approval).

			Taken using the in-game HUD menu and clicking screenshot button.
			5 seconds after button is pressed, a screenshot will be taken and saved in
			Taken using the in-game HUD menu and clicking video button.
			Video will begin recording after button is pressed and saved in PiperUniverse.

			Created using PipHop level.
			Pressing the "Record Button" on your breadboard will start recording, and recording will
			end when button is pressed again or after 30 seconds has passed.
			Can only have 5 songs saved at one time. Recording a 6th will replace the oldest song.

			All creations are stored locally in the "My Creations" tab until the user clicks the 
			"Share" button.
			Users can see creations that other users have shared by going to the "Shared Creations"
			**Please note**: any shared creations are first reviewed and approved prior to being added
			to the Piper Universe community.

		Errors are now automatically sent to server.

	Many bugs present in pre 2.0 no longer exist.

Version 2.0 manual
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Hi - at what point are the creative worlds unlocked? None of my students had completed Return to the Cheeseteroid, but some of them were able to access the creative worlds (Hogwards, Avatar) and some weren’t.