Piper Software Update! Version 1.0.7


What’s New?

Version 1.0.7 introduces a new updater system under the hood, an autosave feature (Creative Mode), and 10 additional Power Ups in Creative Mode. Additional Power Ups include: Build House, Clear Blocks, Move Twice as Fast, Land Mines, Mutability, Instant Rainbows, Super Jump, Teleport, Trap Doors and Scanner (block copier/paster).


Updater - New updater system that is more reliable and efficient moving forward (when updating versions after this release).

Autosaving - Automatic saving of the world while in Creative Mode. Occurs every 5-minutes.

Crash logs - Local storage of crash logs to help with future debugging.

Numerous minor bug fixes

Power-Ups (in Creative Mode)

Build House - (Requires two small buttons) Instantly create a house with the push of a button! Hold down the left-button and right-click a block to build a house. Press the right button to erase the last house built. A house will be built out of the material of the block type that was hit (for example, hitting a brick block will build a house out of brick. In addition, a house is built in the opposite direction of the side of the block that was hit (that is, the door will face toward the side that was hit).

Clear Blocks - (Requires one small button) Clear more than 1,000 blocks around you! Toggle on/off using the switch. Press the button to clear blocks surrounding you!

Move Twice as Fast - (Requires one switch) Move around twice as fast in the world! Toggle on/off using the switch.

Land Mines - (Requires one small button) Place block mines (iron blocks) and blow them all up at once with a push of a button! Right-click the block mine to activate it!

Mutability - (Requires one small button) Toggle world mutability with a push of a button! Allows the player to turn on and off the ability to both place and destroy blocks in the world.

Rainbows - (Requires one small button) Create rainbows at the push of a button! A rainbow is draw above the player.

Super Jump - (Requires one small button + jump button) Jump much higher than normal! Toggle on/off using a button.

Teleport - (Requires one small button) Teleport between blocks you place in the world! Place down orange (wool) blocks between areas you would like to travel between. Right-click orange blocks to activate them (they’ll turn green). Press the button to travel between selected blocks.

Trap Doors - (Requires two small buttons) Create hidden trap doors that you can open and close with a push of a button! Toggle on/off with the left button. Right-click to to select/unselect blocks. Press right-button to open/close.

Scanner - (Requires two small buttons) Copy and paste blocks in the world! Right-click 4 blocks around object to scan (blocks will turn red). Right-click any of the 4 red indicator blocks to increase the scan height (left-click any indicator block to cancel selection). Press the left button to copy blocks. After blocks have been copied, right-click any block(s) in the world (up to a total of four) and press the right button to paste (up to four times if four blocks were selected).