Piper Software Update! Version 1.0.6


(For update support, please visit here)


Version 1.0.6 introduces two new features, Power Ups and Mini-games. In both Creative and 
Mini-game modes, Power Ups allow the player to do fun and unique things in the world that 
they can't normally do (e.g., turn any block into TNT). Power Ups have their own unique 
circuits and require hardware components to build (e.g., buttons, switches, LEDs and etc).
Mini-games are a new game mode where the player is dropped into a world next to a crafting table. 
Right-clicking the crafting table with the wrench will teleport the player into piping mode, where
first the game's power-up (e.g., TNT power up) is made prior to starting the mini-game. The player
must use the Power Up to complete the game's challenges and accumulate points. Right-clicking the
crafting table again will reset the mini-game after it is played.

New Level

    Breadboard Bluffs:
            New level presenting the inner workings of breadboards.


	Draws a diamond bridge underneath you as you walk. Requires a switch, an LED,
	and four wires.

	Toggle flying on/off. Requires a button and two wires.

Musical Blocks:
	Gives every block type in the world a unique musical tone. Blocks
	are 'played' by right-clicking with the wrench. Requires a buzzer and two wires.

	Auto-spawns a torch near you every ~5 seconds. Useful when tunneling.
	Requires an LED and two wires.

	Ability to turn any block into active TNT. Requires a switch and two wires.


Ring Race:
	Introduces the Flying power up.
	Use the flying power up to fly through as many rings as possible within the time limit!
	Requires a button and two wires.

Chest Quest:
	Using a bigger treasure detector, find as many chests as possible within the time limit!
	Requires three LEDs and six wires.

Explosive Escape:
	Introduces the TNT power up.
	Sand worms are trying to escape to the surface! Stop them by using your TNT power up to destroy their sand pillars!
	Requires a switch and two wires.

Snake Trap:
	Introduces auto-bridge power up.
	A snake is loose in the Colosseum! Trap him using your auto-bridge ability!
	Requires a switch, an LED, and four wires.

Dark Maze:
	Introduces the torch power up.
	Navigate a dark maze and reach the goal as quickly as possible!
	Requires an LED and two wires.


Could you please provide a download link for an updated image so we can create a new SD Card with the updated version?

Thank you


Ah, searching a little bir revealed a topic with a link:

  1. Which Pi are you using? (if you look just below the gpio pins you will see the information)
  2. is this the first time you are using Piper or are you doing an upgrade?
  3. Are you trying to download the full or compressed version?
  4. where in the world are you located?
  5. what is your upload/download speed? (use speedtest.net to check this)
    connection speed

I’m currently downloading teh compressed version and it says 16 minutes. I’m in the U.S. for your reference.


When updates are available, could you please post an SD card image of the new version? It’s very common that once an update is performed through the Piper program on my son’s system that Piper will then begin booting to the desktop or plays the loading video and then crashes to the desktop. The only way I’ve found to resolve this is to reload the v1.0.3 image on to the SD card. I’m hoping that by loading the current version to the SD card this could be a viable work around.


Hi @videojarhead,

Thanks for your question. As you may have noticed, the latest version (1.0.6) was posted for download when the update was announced. For various reasons we haven’t always posted the latest updates for download in the past (e.g., due to compatibility issues with pi2 vs. pi3 users, etc). Moving forward, we will try and post the latest image for download as soon as an update is available. Additionally, we are overhauling the update process to make it much faster as well as much more stable/efficient.

Thanks again,

  • jordan