Piper Software Update! Version 1.0.4


(For update support, please visit here)



  • Added new Mission Log to the pause menu, which keeps a record of all the messages posted to chat in the current level. Players can refer to the log if a message/instruction is missed or forgotten.
  • Increased GUI responsiveness and navigation feedback
  • Added loading feedback on bootup and level load
  • Added a video replay button to the pause screen
  • Update will now check if a new update is available and will only prompt the user to reboot if necessary
  • Updating new levels no longer requires a reboot. New levels are now added to the level select menu instantly
  • Updating levels now provides feedback for whether or not new levels are available for download
  • Network connectivity feedback. User is prompted if partially connected to a network.
  • Added an audio ding whenever there’s a post to chat


  • Whenever a video is played in a level, a special block is placed near the player that when hit, will replay the last video.
  • Updated current flow animation in wires
  • [Cheeseteroid] Updated the level to improve pathfinding and reduce difficulty
  • [Cheeseteroid] Reduced the duration of the end video and updated subtitles accordingly
  • [Funky Fungi and Cheeseteroid Return] The components have been split up across multiple piping modes/crafting tables

And many more tweaks/bug fixes!


Is there a download link for this new version?


Just boot your pi into Piper and select the Gear in the top rigt of the pper window and then press the update button.


Hello Paul

Let’s assume the piper won’t boot and I would like to flash a new sd card, is there a download link for this new version?


not that I’m aware of. You would download it, flash the SD card, put it in the pi, boot and then do the update.


We’ve found 1.4 to lag, freeze and often the loading screen displays in front of the game. In our camp today we frequently had to reboot.

Is it possible to to revert back to 1.3?


Hi @meemo,

Do you recall what steps were taken to produce the screen overlay? For example, was the level selected and then this happened right after?


  • Jordan


Yes, after the level was selected, this screen over lay stayed put even though the level was running in the background. This did not always happen and there didn’t seem to be a common occurrence of when it happened among the students.

The freezing of the game occurred often as well, during play. I didn’t notice a particular pattern, but it was brought to our attention by more than half the group (there are 10 Pipers running).

Also, when students wanted to exit a level, we would click on the scroll wheel and have to wait 10-20 seconds for anything to happen. You can imagine what happened then - kids would click and click and click, and when it finally registered, the screen would keep flashing in and out of the game. I’d then ask them to click once and wait (not easy for most of them) and sometimes it would work, other times we’d just power down the battery and re-start.


Thanks for the feedback, we’ll look into this for the next update or hotfix.


Can we revert back to 1.3 please!!!

It is painfully slow loading levels or exiting the game and freezes or appears to more than half the time. The kids are frustrated and so are the teachers.


I just confirmed with Tommy that you are running v1.0.4 on Pi 2’s and not 3’s which could be part of the speed and lag related issues (even though we do take backwards compatibility into account). We will run further tests on Pi2’s to help flush out these issues and further optimize the code for the next update or hotfix. There is no easy way to revert back to v103 (requires terminal and keyboard on each unit), but I can post the method if you like.


Yes please send me instructions to revert back to 103. When will you get 104 working on Pi2?


Please test this on one unit first (although I’ve tested it on my end) just to be sure it’s working properly (and check that the version is 1.0.3. in the options menu). The commands to run in a newly opened terminal are:

  1. cd piper” [enter/return]
  2. sudo git reset --hard e45ae69 && git clean -f” [enter/return]

You may want to remove the wifi dongles from the Pi2’s at this point so that students don’t accidentally hit the “update” button.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

  • Jordan


Ooh, what will students do when they need the next level after 1.5 Power
Plant? If they click ‘get next level’ will Piper try to upgrade to 1.0.4
before retrieving the ‘next level’?


Only if you are having students manually reset play data in-between sessions, otherwise any levels currently unlocked will remain unlocked (despite the roll-back). I can give you a different command that will revert to 103 and unlock levels when download next is clicked but not update to 104, however then you’d have to manually go back in and run some commands in terminal if you ever wanted to update to a newer software version in the future (as opposed to just hitting the “update” button).


I would love to be on v1.0.4 when the problems I’ve described on Pi2 are resolved - how far out do you think that is? We are running a Piper camp next week, so we need to be on v103 for that one and can keep the kids from updating the OS. Our 3rd Piper camp is not until July 18 so we could update all the SD cards to v104 before that class if it’s good to go by say July 15?


I am trying to do the update but getting the message “git process crashed”


Hi @meemo,

Try first removing the git lock by typing (within the piper directory):

“sudo rm .git/index.lock”


  • Jordan