Piper Software Update! Version 1.0.3


(For update support, please visit here)

General updates:

• Can now exit and explore the linux/raspbian desktop environment (along with a new desktop shortcut for re-launching Piper)
• No longer restricted to a single glass block in circuit building mode. Player has freedom to move around and find optimal viewing angles/orientations
• Remodeled switch, small button and buzzer for greater disambiguation and matching to physical pin spacing
• A help system that provides on-screen hints when players appear “stuck”.
• New updater that provides more feedback during the update process
• Can now toggle flying on/off in Sandbox Mode (by double tapping the jump button)

...and many other tweaks / bug fixes.

Level updates:

• 3 current levels completely redesigned (Cheeseteroid, Funky Fungi and Cheeseteroid Final). Essentially, brand-new levels.
• Mars: can now climb inside the spaceship cockpit to fly-off to the Cheesteroid.
• Cheeseteroid: Newly re-designed parkour jump puzzle. Now contains 3 large cavernous rooms to explore, complete with stalactites and stalagmites.
• Funky Fungi: Newly re-designed landscape and structure building mechanics. Introduction to electronic components in a series circuit.
• Cheeseteroid Return: Completely new level. Build controls to help you navigate open and blocked pathways leading up to the final control room. Introduces wiring of the inventory button for use in Sandbox Mode.

...and more!


PLEASE NOTE This update may require you to reboot your Piper unit twice. This is an issue with software version 1.0.2 and will not be required for future updates. Thanks for your patience!

STEP 1: Connect to WiFi and click the “Update” button in the bottom-right corner of the main menu.

IMPORTANT If the update window shows a date of December 15, 2015 (see pic A below), then please close the update window, reboot the system and repeat STEP 1. Otherwise, if the update window shows the current date then proceed with STEP 2.

STEP 2: Please wait approximately 2-minutes for update bar to begin progressing (it will appear as if nothing is happening, but in fact the first 40% of the update is installing during this period, see pic B below).

STEP 3: After the updates have finished installing and the update window disappears, reboot and you’re done! The options menu should now show the latest version 1.0.3 (see pic C below)

Issues updating? For update support, please visit here.

[A]. After clicking “Update” on the main menu, the update window may show a date of December 15th, 2015. If so, please close the update window and reboot the system.

[B]. If the update window shows the current date, please wait approximately 2-minutes for the update bar to begin progressing. When the updates finish installing and the window disappears, reboot the system. Update complete!

[C]. To confirm the update was successful, check that the current version number in the options window is ‘Version 1.0.3’. Additionally, the commander will appear on a tv monitor behind Pip and Piperbot on the home screen.

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Yay! Thank you! We’re very excited to check these out :slight_smile: :slight_smile: