Piper screen not working


Assembled Piper with daughter and got the we’ll documented blue screen flash then nothing. Had red and green lights on PI.

After reading decided to plug PI into TV. Works like a champ

Support… how can I get a replacement screen?


btw: not only do you need to plug into the battery but you need to make sure you plug the monitor into the 2.1amp port


Make sure you have the monitor plugged into the battery and not into the computer itself. The computer doesn’t put out enough power on the usb port to power the monitor.


Ready to rock and roll with this fun little device. Screen does not work. All cables are connected correctly and too the battery pack. I plugged the unit into the TV using the same HDMI cable and the computer itself displays on the TV. Any other suggestions? Do I have a dead screen?


I beleive teh battery has two amperages. Make sure you have the monitor plugged into the one with the higher amperage (normally port 2)


Thanks for the help Paul. Still no go with the display.


Sounds like a dead screen. Send an email to hi@withpiper.com and tell them what is going on and what you have tried.


if you get an email about my last post, I gave the wrong email address. Check the post for the corrected one.