Piper Part's not on the Parts Store


Ok so I wanted to get the Piper Ribbon cable to HDMI converter but there is no part for that on the store! I also need a HDMI cable but when I tried to get it. The code REPLACEMENT Did not work because I already used it! Please help me!

p.s. You got my adress wrong tommy I will email you it in private


Thanks @TheAutisticGamer we’ll follow up over email!



I have sent the email. As stated in the email, I got the past package FROM A FRIEND. So I’m good and you don’t have to send it again


Ah dang it Tommy. When I head to the ups website. It just says “pre-shipping.” I am a little bit sore and it’s been a while Can you fix that?


@TheAutisticGamer, you have ordered all of the parts :face_with_raised_eyebrow:! Please just request what you need!



I did? Something must went wrong there. I Needed an HDMI cord and the battery now (because the 2.1 amp power is not working for some reason :cry:) And the screen side left and right (5E with 5D) and if you can get me one. I would LOVE the plastic baseplate for the Case Top (5A) I’m sorry that you have to get so much stuff. I am really sorry. I feel bad about this


Okay thank you.