Piper Most Common Fixes


Here is where you can find the resolutions to the most common debugging with Piper. This forum is where you will be able to get the fastest, most immediate solutions.

Update Fail

  1. If you updated and then it repeatedly boots to desktop. Please try starting from the terminal with the command “cd piper && sudo python start.py”:

  2. Otherwise you can re-pull our update following these steps:

  1. cd piper [enter]
  2. mv creations …/Desktop
  3. sudo git clean -df
  4. sudo git reset --hard
  5. sudo git pull
    6a. Username: Piperguest
    6b. Password: PlayPiper36

Once done, please run the start command from suggestion 1. The game will either launch or produce an error. If you send a picture of your error to hi@withpiper.com we will walk you through your specific solution.

Broken/Missing Parts
If your computer was missing a part when you received it, fill out a Rescue Pack Request.

Otherwise, if you accidentally broke a part during your launch and are not a protection plan user, you can order a new part here.

Piper Does Not Boot and Screen Stays Black

  1. Make sure your battery is charged and there is at least one blue light
  2. Check you HDMI connection to ensure it is inserted properly (can test on a computer monitor or a TV)
  3. If your screen never turns blue, then you are having a power problem. Confirm by using another monitor and will send you a new screen power cord.

Latest Software Version
[V 2.0.2] (Piper Software Update! Version 2.0)

Link to the Latest Image
[V 2.0.2] (https://www.dropbox.com/s/suzcdk15u9aqbe7/v202_Piper_Image.img?dl=0)

Having Trouble Connecting to Wifi

Follow the instructions in this video

Piper screen goes blue to black

Things to check:

  1. Is the SD card inserted fully?
  2. Make sure the screen USB cable is connected to the power bank and not the Pi
  3. Check your HDMI cable connection to the back of the screen to make sure it’s fully inserted. Otherwise try connecting to an external monitor or TV and report your results to hi@withpiper.com

Reimage your SD card:

-You can use [Etcher] (https://www.etcher.io/) to reimage or follow the steps here for [Windows] (https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/installation/installing-images/windows.md) or Mac

If the image is still not working, and the Pi shows only a red light, you may have a defective Pi. Shoot me an email for a replacement ASAP at hi@withpiper.com and please provide your address.

Battery will not turn off

Pull out the two USB power cords powering the Pi and the screen.

Piper Boots to Desktop and Cannot Launch Game

Try this fix

Missing WIFI Dongle (Piece #8)

If your Piper arrived after June 1, your Piper is running on a RP 3. More differences that you might notice here. You will also not be receiving a motion sensor.

How do I update?

Updating Piper

Wiring instructions
Brand new piper powers on but won't boot
Updating a LONG time
Piper stops booting
Blue to black screen
Pi stays on red light only, will not boot - already tried reimage