Piper freezes during start up


After completing several levels of minecraft, piper won’t boot up anymore.
When I turn it on I get the first couple of pages of bios code then it goes to a dark blue screen with just a flashing horizontal cursor in the top left corner and then hangs, the longest I’ve left it is about 30 minutes.
I’ve seen on other posts I have to reformat the SD card but a) will I lose minecraft? b) will I lose the progress I’ve made?
If I lose minecraft I might go and buy a keyboard but will the keyboard work if it is hanging during start up? How will it load the driver for the keyboard if it can’t boot up in the first place?


First off, do you remember how you shut off the Pi just before you had this problem. Chances are you just powered off the battery and that corrupted the SD card. In that case, yes you will need to format the SD card

To answer your questions - when you reformat and install the latest Piper
a) will you lose minecraft? - NO, you will have Piper back and Minecraft also
b) will I lose the progress I’ve made? - YES, but there is a way to set the levels you have completed.

Here are step by step instructions on how you can alter the game’s saved information to “fast-forward” to a given point in the game.

  1. Connect a USB keyboard and mouse to your Piper and boot it up. In the main menu, use the power icon to open the shutdown menu.
  2. Use the yellow door icon to exit to desktop.
  3. From the desktop, use the top toolbar to open Terminal.
  4. click on the File Manager icon in the toolbar
  5. Navigate to piper/game/userData/playData and right click the file levelsCompleted.txt
  6. This should open up a text file with the names of the levels and a 0 or a 1. To unlock a level, set the number beside it to 1.
  7. save the file and now you can start Piper again and go to the next level you want to play.


You beauty! Thanks Paul.
If anyone is reading, and intersted in the keyboard question, I bought an old usb keyboard and it worked immediately without needing to install a driver - in other words that problem didn`t exist.