Piper Computer Kit doesnt startup


Hi, I have recently purchased a Piper Kit for my daughters. We built it and installed everything. The computer turns on and the 5 raspberries show on the top of the screen and then the dos prompt code loads but then the screen shows a login page which obviously we cannot access without keyboard. Is my SD card corrupt?




Another issue is how to download the new SD card file to a mac?


Please help. Two very unhappy girls with daddies gift. Going to be now. From HK. Good night


@Granthorsfield - I’m sorry I didn’t get to you earlier, I’ve been digging out from the 15" of snow (hey predicted 7") we woke up to this morning. This is the frist time I’ve been online alll day.

I’m so sorry for the disappointment your girls must have. This shouldn’t have happened and please accept my apologize to you.

You have 2 options

  1. reflash the SD card - to do this you will need another computer and an SD card reader - see https://www.playpiper.com/pages/software-update#SDcard
    When you fllow that link, just click the red Download the latest Piper SD card image and it will start downloading (I’m on a mac and I just checked that it works)

  2. Notify Piper and yuo will be shipped a new SD card. Follow this link to report the issue: https://support.playpiper.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

If you have any issues getting the SD card flashed or getting a new SD card or the girls have any questions about Piper, let us know.

p.s. there are all sorts of buttons and wires and switches in the package. Thier use will be explained a the girls start playing the game.