Piper can't boot


Whenever I turn on my Piper it says this:15458928118667253133486714838005|375x500


Hi Jake,

Does that show up on the screen? Is there and more that shows up? Can you post a photo of it?

My first guess is a corrupt SD card. Feel like expanding your computer skills?

If you have another computer and a micro SD card reader, you can try reflashing the card yourself (I do this a lot). If you want to give it a go, follow the instructions below but if you don’t, then follow this link and attach a photo of the screen and they will send you a new SD card.

Ok, if you are here then you are ready to expand your knowledge, let’s go!

  1. Download the latest Piper SD card image
    Image for 8 GB SD cards
    Image for 16 GB or larger SD cards
  2. Follow the instructions on the Raspberry Pi website under “Writing an image to the SD card”

If you come across any issues just reach out to me!