Piper 1.0.2 won't update - never makes progress


My son hasn’t updated his Piper in a while, and when he tried this morning, the “updating…” progress bar doesn’t make any progress. It’s on 1.0.2 now. Help?


have you got a good internet connection?



Updating was a test for my son’s patience :wink:
For a few minutes (minimum 8) it kept at 25% - no update, no news, no nothing. Then leaped to 75% and progressed with smaller increments, too.

How long did you wait? Probably longer, anyways I thought to share our experience.



Yah, the Internet connection isn’t a problem. I disconnected from and re-joined the WiFi just to be sure.

Perhaps related… I noticed that if I move the cursor up to the top of the screen, what seems like a status bar appears and over on the right of the bar I see a numeric indicator that bounces between “0%” and “2%”.

Is there an error log that’s readily accessible to I can diagnose this further?


Might I suggest you go to this thread and look at the 4th post and grab the 1.0.6 update.


Hi @thorpej,

As Paul suggested, I would try and grab the latest v1.0.6 image and then update to the latest v1.0.8.1


  • Jordan


Hm. Will doing this erase saved progress? If so, is there a simple way to go about backing that up so that it can be restored later?


We waited until the battery was about to run out, but the battery wasn’t fully charged when we started. It’s since been fully charged up, so I’ll give it a whirl before I go out and get a micro-SD card reader for my Mac.