Password for the pi acount on the computer


What is the password for the pi acount? It locked me out of the computer and I don’t know how to type it.


The password is ‘piper’


But how do you type it


If you got yourself locked out, you will need a usb keyboard to plugin to the pi.

How did you get yourself locked out? can you send me a photo of the lock out screen?




But I don’t have a keyboard in my house also I’m only 12 and on my own,so can you tell me how to type it with the piper computer,and my parents are at work.


And don’t even think about asking me on where I live


“And don’t even think about asking me on where I live” that never crossed nmy mind, but your folks would be proud that you are aware fo that!

What were you doing before this screen popped up? Had you been playing the game?

When did you get the Piper?

Have you been shutting it off by just turning off the battery?


If you don’t have a keyboard, how are you sending messages? A tablet or phone?


Thanks but I did not like how it goes straight to the game and not to the desktop.
So I went into setting put it to where it will only go to the desktop and I actually clicked on password.


Which settings did you change? Are you talking about the game settings or something once you exited Piper and were on the desktop?