Pairing a Logitech keyboard with Piper


I’m trying to pair a small Logitech keyboard to use with my son’s Piper computer. The piper generates a password to enter on the keyboard but it doesn’t seem to be pairing. Any suggestions???


is this a bluetooth keyboard?
What model?


Logitech Keys-to-Go keyboard for iPad, iPhone and Apple TV model 920-007636


Doing some research, I’ve seen there has been some issues with Logitech bluetooth keyboards but that the latest version of Raspibian (Stretch) has fixed some of them. The OS version Piper is currently running is Raspbian (Jessie) so I’m not sure what to suggest and I have no way to test it since I dn’t have one of them.

Have you made sure it is not paired with any other device?


hmm, perhaps i’ll trade it in for another brand of keyboard that is compatible with both my iPad and Piper. Any recommendations?


Sorry, but I have no recommendations. You might want to go to the hit[:// forums and see if you can get a recomendation there.


Update: I just paired the Apple bluetooth keyboard (model: A1314) to a Rpi - now this particular Pi is running ‘Stretch’ while Piper is running on a Pi using ‘Jessie’. I’ll see about pairing the keyboard to my Piper Pi later and report.


Thank you! Keep me posted.