Package/Non-image based installation



My kids have enjoyed their Cheesteroid adventure, and are now ready to use our Pi for more things.

I’m familiar with RetroPie, and have installed it before. However, when doing a package-based install of RetroPie from an existing Piper imaged SD card - instructions here:( ) - certain package installations fail, and I run into conflicts where both applications (Piper and RetroPie) attempt to autostart.

I was wondering, can I do the reverse? Can I load a RetroPie image, then manually install the packages for Piper? So far I have only seen instructions on creating a bootable SD card from an image. I understand it’ll boot to RetroPie, but I wouldn’t have a problem dropping to a terminal prompt and manually launching Piper when needed.



Why not just have two SD cards, One with Piper and one without. I haven’t used RetroPie but jut use jessie and haven’t had a problem


Hi Paul,

That’s a good suggestion. I should have included the reason in my initial post. The way the Piper kit mounts the Pi, the SD card is mostly obscured. The Pi 3 units don’t have a spring-loaded SD slot, so you end up partially disassembling the kit and/or using a pair of tweezers to switch cards. If that’s the only solution, I can go that route - I was just wondering if there was a way that didn’t require a second card and some disassembly.


Ah yes, I miss the spring loader.

From my quick reading of retropie, I think it would be best to keep it and Piper on separate SD cards. I know that the autostart of Piper is part of the Pi startup programs and if Retropie is doing the same thing, I can forsee problems.

Ever think about just getting another Pi? :grin:


I have, and am not completely opposed to that route. :wink:

Just trying to weigh all my available options. It doesn’t look like the Piper specifically NEEDS to autoload, it just does for easier use. RetroPie is a little different in that it doesn’t play nice with X, so you have to shut down X prior to launch. Any additional input @jordan , @greg or @danny_piper ?



I see two places where it might be autostarting from so you might have to try both, but I’m confident one will work out. I’d strongly recommend making a copy of the original files first.

To disable autostart:

  1. /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart - try removing the third line in this file says @sh /home/…/Piper2
  2. Remove the entirety of /etc/xdg/autostart/piperBoot.desktop

P.S. There’s a good chance you’ll need root, so remember to open your text editor / prefix your rm command with sudo.