Our mouse is not working

Hi there. My students just finished building the Piper and they booted it up fine. The mouse won’t work though. We tried several mice, in all of the USB ports, but none of them work. The mouse works fine on other computers. Any advice?

Hmmm. That is quite interesting. Ours can work both with a generic USB mouse we used while waiting for our replacement mouse to arrive, and the official piper mouse. Maybe it is something deep in the Pi OS input settings. It’s a little frustrating that you really cannot change any of the Pi OS settings. Have you emailed piper?

Any mouse should work and if the mouse works in other computers, then there is probably an issue wiiith the pi.

send tommy@withpiper.com an email.

Do you know if there is a problem with the ports then? I saw some other people had problems with some of their ports having plastic bits in them.

My mouse isn’t working even though as you said it works on other computers, I checked if there was anything inside the ports, but nothing. But about one day ago it was working but it was in the middle of an update. But now it just isn’t working even though the mouse in on with the red light.

Can you try plugging a usb keyboard and plug the mouse into that to see if

  1. if the mouse works
  2. if the keyboard works