Other educational uses for Piper


My 8 year old, minecraft-obsessed daughter has really taken to her Piper, which we just put together last week.

One basic issue we’re having is that she’s in a Waldorf school, which for all it’s benefits teaches reading rather late. We’re using the game to give her incentive to practice reading skills - but the messages that pop up at the top of the screen go away too fast for her to actually read them.

Perhaps something the team might consider for the future is a feature where the messages are presented in a dialog box, or something that gives the player the opportunity to read the messages before they go away?

Another topic I think that is missing is some basic background on how electrical circuits work. Chloe has pounced on wiring things to the rPi, but at some point it seems there should be some content on “hey, now let’s see why this works”

I’m thinking about getting a 9-volt battery and showing her how these things work so it’s more than just plugging stuff together lego-style.


If you click on the scroll wheel, a black bar will come up at the top of the screen. In the center is a blue Book and if you click on it you see the dialog in it.