Ordering a Green Battery?


Hi, unfortunately our battery needs to be shifted as the 5V/1A slot has some broken metal pins. We got ours last Christmas - the set with a green battery. In the shop, looking at parts, I only find a white battery. Is it possible to purchase a green battery from the piper shop? In case, how? Thanks.


Hi @NorbertZIG,

Yes we can get you a new green battery asap! Please send an email to hi@withpiper.com and we will instruct you how to exchange batteries. Please include a picture of your current battery too!



Hi, my daughter got her Piper for Christmas 2016; now just 4 months later the green battery pack is completely dead. Is this part covered by the warranty? What is the process to get a replacement? Thanks! Matthias


Hi @matloeser, glad we were able to get this solved. Enjoy the new battery!


Yes - thanks Tommy for the quick resolution!