Order has not arrived- others having same trouble?


Ordered on 12/17 in time for Christmas delivery, but have not received any shipping notification nor have I received the package. Was told by Piper Amazon was shipping. Are others having this issue?


SAME HERE. Ordered 12/17. Was charged through Amazon promptly with promise of 2 day free USA shipping. I got a box from Amazon the other day totally thought that was it. Just opened that box and it was not, sign back on here and realized it never shipped. It’s suppose to be my son’s Christmas present and I don’t see how it would get here now. If so Piper is dropping the ball big time.


First off, you should make sure you have contacted Piper via their website support link.

I can imagine how you are feeling, but if you ordered it thru Amazon, they are doing processing and shipping. Have you contacted Amazon about this? What did they have to say?


Yes same exact issue. Ordered on 12/17 credit card was charged. Shipping method was priority 1-2 business days. It’s been 5 business days. I received an email today saying I should receive my package on 12/27. Pretty annoyed and of course you can’t call, only email your issue. They’ll get back to me ASAP though. Yeah right.
Thinking maybe I should just send this back and go get a giant Lego. LOL.


If you are having problems please email alana@playpiper.com and she will try to help you.