Nothing working on the pi. Piper and everything else. Please Help


When I turned on my piper the music started and the updater popped up but nothing else turned on.

it looked like this. Before Piper kinda booted up I could access terminal and everything. I believe it might be a gl driver problem. Please help this is even worse than the resolution issue!


It also started moving the desktop picture a
Back and forth in static


Ok now every Just went back to normal. Now why does this mess up and just fix?



Your suspicion is right. I see you’ve somehow bypassed our gl driver switcher. PiperNet Beta runs under different GL drivers than the classic game, so we have to try to restart the Pi when switching between the two. That’s why it went back to normal.


Well when I was trying to fix it my dad accidentally pressed piper net pressed the area where pipernet would display


Thanks that was a lot of help. Now me and my dad knows