No sound from the speaker


We have our new Piper up and running - yay! However, there seems to be an issue with our speaker. The speaker worked out of the box yesterday, though I didn’t realize it needed to be charged. Today the speaker just stopped working mid-game. I charged it for about 3 hours and then tested it multiple times on Piper and an iPhone with no sound output. Light is green, speaker is twisted open, etc.

I also read in previous older posts that the game has no sound after a certain point - is this still true?



Does the green light show up?
Did you make sure the switch is on the ON position?


Yes. The green light has been working the whole time. The speaker is fully charged and popped open. It was working and then suddenly cut out during gameplay. It’s not working on my Iphone either. We have replayed intro video - sound was working first time around and it’s not now.
Also, please clarify if there is sound throughout game. Thanks.


There is some sound, but not that much. I have a feeling the batteries in these speakers aren’t the best in the world.


The speaker was previously working with good sound. The speaker battery is fully charged. The fact that there is no sound seems to speak to a defect - not a battery strength issue. Thanks.


Send an email and link to this thread


Will do. Many thanks for your help!


Hi @shasla,

There is currently only sound support for the videos and chat message chime (you should hear a chime whenever a message is posted to the display).


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My speaker was left on overnight once and now it doesn’t work. Do I charge it and how?also how long does it take to charge piper its self?



Can you FaceTime Tommy if you have an appointment with him and you’re SUPER confused? I have an appointment with him at 1:45 today. Thank you


Hi @Pipergirl,

He might be able to FaceTime or at the very least chat over the phone with you. He’ll let you know for sure.


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Hi. The speaker charges with a standard mini USB charger - we just had one lying around. The light is red when charging. Speaker should be off when charging.
The Piper battery pack charges with the small green cable that attaches it to the Pi. The micro USB end charges the battery - connects with a regular type USB charging plug. We use the one that came with an iPhone. The Piper battery pack takes a long time to charge. Blue lights indicate progress.
Good luck!



@Jordan. Hi Jordan - we just realized that the speaker is not working in minecraft. The tutorial say “listen to the water running” - but it is really quiet! I plugged it into my phone and it works fine but not with the computerkit. Is it supposed to be like that? (ref your quote): [quote=“jordan, post:8, topic:1163”]
There is currently only sound support for the videos and chat message chime (you should hear a chime whenever a message is posted to the display).


Hi Janni,

Yes, currently only the videos and chat message chime play sound through the speaker. We are working on incorporating other sound effects and level music in the near future. Whenever Pip “hears” something it’s currently just to let the player know that the hardware they just built is working/doing something (visible) in the current level.


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