New piper doesn't boot up


my kids built the new piper. but it doesn’t boot up giving an error. The raspberry light is solid red.



Have you checked to see if the battery is fully charged?
Also check to make sure the SD card is pushed in all the way.


thank you. I’ll include the error message as well. I am at work now but the error message is this I eblieve: " end kernel panic- not syncing; VFS: Unable to mount root Fs on unknown


Ohhh bummer, that sounds like a problem with the SD card. Go to this link and tell them that message and provide the rest of the information they need. I’m sure they will send you an new SD card.

Tell your kids that my grandkids (and I ) would have been dissappointed if this happened to us, but they will have fun once this is resolved. Besides, troubbleshooting is a valuable skill to learn and they have learned a lsson that they wouldn’t have if it had started right away. (Ok they’re probably not going to buy that are they :smirk:)


thanks Paul. I used that link before and told them about the issue many days, but no response yet.


Let me see if I can nudge someone


Hi Yetik,

Could you reach out to me

I run the support desk but have not gotten any tickets from you. What is your email address?




Hi Alana,
I sent you an email yesterday. I hope you got it.


Hi Yetik,

Did you receive my reply? I believe it might be your SD Card. Do you have a green blinking light? Or is the Pi just solid red? If you only have a red light, it is SD Card in which case you can reburn an image onto the card.

Good news is this is a great skill for your child to learn! Piper is meant to build, break, build again, hack it, that is what we want children to do. Explore and create. Here is what you can do:

  1. Download the latest Piper SD card image
    Image for 8 GB SD cards
    Image for 16 GB or larger SD cards
  2. Follow the instructions on the Raspberry Pi website under “Writing an image to the SD card”

Let me know if I can assist you any further.