New levels available when?


Hi there! My daughter triumphantly declared her completion of the final level where she saves the cheesesteroid. It appears that there will be at some point more levels to download. Do you have an estimation on when the next level will be available? In the meantime, she is having a blast in sandbox mode exploring the various worlds and was thrilled to wire up the black button and discover its purpose. The worlds are so fun! It should hold her interest for a while, but she’s also very eager for more fun new levels and creations!


@heathc amazing! congrats to your daughter for finishing the levels we have there :slight_smile: we have many more coming in January, and had to stop developing them to ship the units. there are actually some hidden eggs in some of the levels that we will soon be reflected in an achievements system! for example, there is a temple to Joel somewhere on Mars!

I would also love to hear your daughters thoughts on Piper. What she loved and what we could improve? Please let me know what she says!

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Are new levels still coming by the end of the month?


+1 for excited kids waiting for new levels. All 3 of them finished all the levels, and now our Piper is sitting on the table - begging to be used again!


We are awaiting new levels with baited breath…


have you seen this thread?


Hi Mark, any updates on when new levels will be available?

Thanks, Tim



A new software version has been released! Please visit Piper Software Update! Version 1.0.3