My root acount is locked


hey #Paul do you know how to fix this
PS the SD card works


Is this a card you got with your kit? have you flashed it? Did you try ctrl-D to boot in again as it says?


How do i do any of that i don’t know how to press crl D


So, @Paul should i just buy a new SD card


Do you have a micro USB cable about that you could use to try an experiment. If you do, use it to plug the Pi to the battery (remove the small green one you were sent). and see what that does.


It does nothing its still not working


Do you have a micro SD card reader and access to another computer? You are going to have to reflasj that SD card. Directions can be found here

If you don’t have a microSD card reader, you need to go to this link and send that photo to Piper


@Paul i just got a free code for a new card so in buying a new SD card


Thanks for the help anyways


Hold down the “Ctrl” key and hit “D” (with a USB keyboard). Easy! :slight_smile:

Happy new year! :smiley:



@patrykklatka - Would you be willing to mail the SD card back to Piper so we could take a look at it?


Ok i guess but wuts the adress


Since this is being dealt with by Piper Support, lets end this here and continue there.