My piper won't work


Hello piper people

My son has just spent a couple of hours building the kit, but now we can’t get it to work!

The screen turns blue for a few seconds, then goes black/turns off.

I’ve tried connecting it to a TV, but nothing!

When the battery is powered on, the red light on the Raspberry Pi is on and solid.

The battery pack is fully charged with all lights flashing when turned on.

The USB’s are connected the the correct devices.

All leads are connected properly.

The SD card is fully inserted, and looks to have all it’s software installed.

We have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B in our set.

What can we try next? Is it likely the Raspberry Pi itself is faulty?

Many thanks



if you look at the battery, there are two usb ports and one should be labeled 1 amp and the other 2 amps. Is the screen plugged into the 2amp port?


Yes, thankyou, they are connected correctly.

I ordered a new raspberry pi and it now works.

The raspberry pi that came with the kit is faulty.