Multiple players?


Hi Piper Friends,

Where we’re at:

Piper is assembled. I have three kids and we’re working our way though the Minecraft levels. As parents, we have NO CLUE about Raspberry Pi’s, computers or Minecraft, for that matter.


Can we have each of our children move through these levels separately? Is it possible to “download/install the Piper SD card image” onto separate SD cards and the the children work individually on their own Minecraft levels? I can’t even find out how to take out the current card though…

Any other recommendations for multiple players? Is it possible to restart a level and still work at other levels? Once we found the treasure, is it possible to redo the level and find it again?

Again, we are not computer-type people, but any help on allowing three kids to play would be greatly appreciated.




Currently, there is not a way to set up separate accounts on a single unit. However, you are able to reset Story Mode player data through the options menu. Otherwise, you can always re-play any levels (e.g., Treasure Hunt) multiple times. If you’ve update to v2.2.0 then you’ll also notice our new massive, multi-player online world -PiperNet(beta) where players can build and interact with others from all around the globe.

Thanks and cheers,

  • Jordan