Mouse Won't Work


My piper boots up fine but the mouse doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried plugging it into all of the usb slots but none of them work.


can you plug it into another computer?
do you have another mouse you can plug into the Pi?


I tried a different mouse in my PIPER and it didn’t work either. I tried the piper mouse in another computer and it worked.


ok, sounds ike a problem with the USB ports.
sSend an email to and explain all of this to them.


The mouse worked fine when I got it, it just doesn’t work anymore


The fact that the mouse works on another computer says it’s not the mouse. The fact that another mouse doesn’t work on this computer indicates something has happened to the USB ports on the pi


What would have happened to them?


Good question, they could have been zapped by a power surge or pulling the plug on the pi or maybe something else