Mouse doesn’t work


Everything seems to boot up just fine, but the mouse doesn’t move the cursor on the screen at all. We don’t have a usb keyboard or mouse to test others.


Post a picture of your kit please.


January 9
Post a picture of your kit please.

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Ahh thanks, that’s exactly what I needed to see. Try shutting down and then swapping the two USB plugs on the battery: plug the Pi into the left slot and the screen into the right.

This is because the two ports have different power outputs (the left one is 2 amps, while the right one is 1 amp). The Pi needs 2 amps, or else it shuts off peripherals like WiFi and USB controllers.


I am having the same issue, piper boots up but I can not connect to wi fi as the mouse will not work. Is my setup correct?


Hi Rachel,
Yes your setup does look correct. Do you have another mouse in your house (hopefully not a living one…sorry for the bad joke) you could try and could you plug that mouse into another computer to see if it will work there. Then please go to this link and explain what you tried and they will make thngs right.