Modern Raspberry updates?


It seems like this system is stuck in the past, like 2016 and maybe early 2017. I have one of the original kits from a few years ago and I would to have it up to date for new development (my kids have grown out of the basic stuff on it) but still be able to use the Piper and Minecraft stuff. Do you guys have an updated kernel and distro that we can make new SD cards with? apt-get seems to have some missing archives from a huge list of updates that have appeared since Piper came out.


I did hear that they are working on a release that will run on ‘stretch’ (don’t upgrade an SD with Piper to stretch or you will have problems with Piper) but I haven’t heard a timeframe.

You could always flash another SD card with the current version of raspibian and work with it, you just won’t have Piper on it.


@Paul: do you know if there is an installation package of piper that we can ask to PlayPiper (in order to try installing it ourselve on another raspbian) ? Not sure this is available (for licensing purpose, for example)


you can always download the install onto another sd card and put it in a new pi, just don’t upgraded the version of Raspibian from Jessie just yet. If you do, you will have a lot of problems - trust me, I did it and ran into problems that Piper is aware of now.

You can get the V2.0.2 image here


Thanks for the answer.
==> I am not going to try the update to stretch :wink:

After checking this out, it is not exactly what I wanted to get. I was thinking about reinstalling the game only (+ pipercode) on a standard raspbian. Have you tried it, @Paul ?


By the way, just for my culture, what issues did you encounter when upgrading to Stretch ?


Piper will start up and then start up and then start up…


ok, huge issue indeed…

Do you know if there is another way to contact Piper developers apart from this forum ?


you can always send an email to or try the email option on the webpage

When I spoke to one of the Piper guys a couple weeks ago, they did say the next release would work with stretch and should be coming ‘soon’ though ‘soon’ is a relative term :grin:


Some news: I contacted the developers again, and the answer today was:“Yes it is coming in the coming weeks as an Over-the-Air update”
Moreover, there seems to be a way ton order a new SD card with the stretch version (but I did not test it yet).

That is an excellent news !!!


Bluetooth works perfectly now, we can connect it to a external speaker. :slight_smile: