Missing "with" Block in Piper Code


Hi there,

I have a student working on the “El Pangolin” level. Unfortunately, he is unable to compete his program because the “with x y” block is not listed under the “Function” tab. His Piper kit is updated to the most recent release. I have another Piper computer kit where I am able to find the “with” block, so I know I’m looking in the right place.

Thanks for your help.


That’s a constructed function - if it is not hidden (use the scroll wheel to zoom/recuce the desktop) or behind the existing code (Click and hold the outer most code block and move it a bit) then you will need to rebuild it because someone must have dragged it to the trash.

  1. go to functions and drag th 'to ‘do something’ that has a ‘return’ to the desktop
  2. click the gear
  3. drag two copies of the ‘input name’ into the inputs and change the ‘x’ in the second one to ‘y’
  4. click the gear to exit
  5. click the text ‘do something’ and change it to ‘testWin’
    you’re all done.


Hi Paul,

Thanks so much for the detailed instructions! I was able to recreate the function without any issues.

Thanks again!


Hey, great instructions Paul! I’ve written up some more detailed (but basically the same) steps in case anybody else stumbles across this thread.

  1. Drag out a new function block (with the Return statement)

2. Rename the function to testWin (if Pipercode changes the name to testWin2, look around testWin might be hidden off your visible canvas)

3. Open the modifier gear menu

4. Drag two inputs into place and rename them x & y

5. You now have the testWin function on your canvas, and a testWin function call in your function menu.

A shortcut to creating your own custom menu is to just go into the settings and reset all the projects, however be careful! they will loose all of their progress if you do this!