Minecraft Java Edition?


Can I get the minecraft normal pc edition on my pi. Like 1.10.2 I am trying to do it using hello minecraft client launcher. But is there any other way?


No, they don’t make the main MC client compatible with the ARM processor on the Pi.

But Minetest (which we use in PiperNet) is a worthy alternative.


No you can not. Your PC and the Pi use two different computer chips. The Pi’s architucture is limited and while there are some things you can do to get a different version of minecraft on your Pi, it will not be th full version (for example…no mobs)

If you want to try getting a different version do a couple things.

  1. get a new SD card and flash it with the latest version of Raspibian (go to http://raspberrypi.org and you will find instructions)
  2. Replace the existing SD card with the new one - now if you mess something up (I have many times - grin) you can put the Piper SD card back in till you reflash the new SD card
  3. google ‘full minecraft on rpi’ and do some reading/research and have a fun adventure learning new things.