Middle Mouse button bug?


Hi Piperbots

My son finished the story mode and he is now playing around with the creative mode.
However it seems there is some kind of bug woth the middle mouse button. When he is using the middle mouse button, the menu is supposed to show up so that he can exit/save/use power ups or whatever.
In his case sometimes it does work as it should, but most of the time the menu would not appear at all (displaying only the “creative mode” message on the top screen). Sometimes the menu appear on the back overlayed by the Minecraft pi welcome menu. Only way to fix is to restart, which is frustrating when you spent time building stuff.

Thanks for any advices!



Hi @JustVV,

Have you upgraded to the latest version, v2.2.0? You can check the version number in the bottom left-hand corner of the options window.


  • Jordan



Yes, I have updated to latest version already. My son played today and it was working fine though. I will monitor if the issue come back.

Just a note, it might have been said before but it is not indicated anywhere in the game that there is a proper way to shutdown. My son was doing hard shutdown until I saw a post in the forum mentioning there was a proper way to do it. I just teach him today actually. Would be handy to have a way to let the user know this from the beginning.



That is a good point! It should be one of the first things in the story.