Login not working


Whenever I try to login it sends me to a black screen so I tried sudo start but now I can’t get to the desktop and I’m signed in as root usr how do I sign in to pi without shutting computer because then I login it sends me to a black screen then back to login so can’t login


*Sudo startx
Also I really don’t know what to do


The password to the pi user is piper.

I’m not sure what screen you’re on, but if you can describe it I can help you log in.


Actually right now I am past that but I am stuck in root user I don’t know how to get out should I get a new SD card I can’t switch back to pi user


I used sudo startx to fix previous problem without it I can’t login I’ll send you a picture of it later I have to go now


It shows a while with login username and password prompt I press ctrl alt F1 take me to Terminal then I type sudo startx it switch s me to root user so I type su pi but it switchs terminal to pi user from root user so I need help wiping out the raspberry pi and restarting it by downloading raspbian on SD card


*white screen
Also if I shouldn’t do this how do I switch to pi user


Ahh yes, I’ve seen the white screen before. I suspect it happens when something gets corrupted. Check out “4. SD CARD BURNING/RE-IMAGING” for how to re-burn your SD card here: https://community.playpiper.com/t/most-common-christmas-fixes/1859/2


It’s alright I have already spent 5 hours burning everything back on to the SD card thanks for the help though😊


Any idea how it got messed up with that white screen?


Ahhh I wish I had seen this sooner to offer some advice. I’m guessing you selected ‘Log Out’ instead of ‘Shutdown’ at some point and you selected Openbox.

If this ever happens again, when you get to the black screen, right click your mouse and see if a menu comes up. if it does, select exit and that should get you back to the login screen.

Now enter the pi user/password and before you click ‘Log In’ go to the top right of the screen Pick the icon next to the power off button and select ‘Default Xsession’ and then login. Hopefully that will put back into the desktop


No I didn’t I also looked at your post on different topic paul


Black screen I don’t know but I know why I was stuck in root I think when I typed in sudo startx it forced the computer to start corrupting SD card and locking me in root user